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754 teachers to receive ICT training

A TOTAL of 754 teachers will undergo information and communication technology (ICT) training next month.

The first group will start on 5 September, with 54 teachers from each region.

This was announced this week by Loide Shaanika, the secretary general of the Namibia National Teachers Union (Nantu), at the launch of the ICT literacy and integration in teaching and learning training programme for teachers in Windhoek.

She said the launch of the programme is important since the world is moving towards the fourth Industrial Revolution and requires teachers to be well equipped and resourced in all aspects of their careers.

“ICT training is very important because it assists teachers with the integration of their teaching on a daily basis, and how to reach out to their students,” she said.

Shaanika said the trainees comprise teachers who have never had access to a computer, as well as teachers who need to be reskilled with basic ICT skills.

Meanwhile, the national coordinator of the Namibian Education Coalition for Civil Society Organisations (Neccso), Martin Matusib, said the coalition will also train parents on basic ICT skills.

He said Neccso will train 30 young people to train parents at home, and aims to reach 1 000 households by October.

“We are trying to negotiate with MTC that every household that has passed the course is given bundles or mobile phones for continuity,” he said.

Matusib said the platform will be open to everybody “once you get the basic computer skills training, so if you want to get a basic computer skill certificate, you can go online and train yourself”.

The deputy executive director of education, arts and culture, Edda Bohn, said the ministry regards the teaching force highly, since it is only through them that education can take place.

“So we would like teachers to be further engaged in policy formulation, but also in their standards and competency framework, and they need to be part and parcel of the certification mechanisms,” she said.

Earlier this month, minister of information and communication technology Peya Mushelenga said there is a need for information technology training programmes for teachers to be part of teachers’ curriculum.

Last month the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia revealed that 500 schools out of 1 800 are reported to have access to basic technological infrastructure.

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