You are currently viewing 151 additional houses for Walvis Bay in 2023

151 additional houses for Walvis Bay in 2023

THE National Housing Enterprise (NHE) will build 151 houses in the densely populated area of Kuisebmond at Walvis Bay in 2023.

The town has been struggling with housing delivery due to a lack of land and urban migration.

Most of Walvis Bay’s undeveloped residential land is privately owned.

The NHE has pockets of land at Kuisebmond and Narraville.

Company spokesperson Tuafi Shafombabi on Tuesday said plans for the envisaged houses have been submitted to the Walvis Bay municipality for approval.

“From there we will run the tender for contractors to start building. We will also announce the start of the project accordingly,” she said.

Shafombabi said the houses will comprise one- and three-bedroom units.

She said the cost of the houses cannot be determined as the process is still in its infancy stage.

“Right now, the residents of Walvis Bay can rest assured that the NHE is on its way to the start-up of this project to provide housing and to deliver on our mandate to provide quality and affordable housing,” she said.

Shafombabi said the houses will be constructed through the NHE’s turnkey construction model, known as the request-for-funding model.

Through the fifth National Development Plan, which concludes this month, the NHE was mandated to construct 5 000 houses as part of the government’s target of 20 000 houses over a four-year period.

The addition of the planned NHE houses will bring the number of houses to be constructed at Walvis Bay in 2023 to 828.

The municipality earlier this year announced it plans to service 677 erven at farm 37 within the first quarter of the year.

This is in accordance with its 2021-to-2026 strategic plan aimed at embarking on initiatives such as the construction of low-cost and affordable houses to help with the decongestion of Tutaleni and to reduce backyard shacks.

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